GOV.UK Platform as a Service London performance dashboard

GOV.UK PaaS is a shared platform that public sector service teams can use to quickly host their applications in the cloud.

Each point on the charts is aggregated data over 7 days. Each chart shows 1 year of data.


Uptime is measured as the availability of the GOV.UK PaaS API.

uptime in the London region over the last year

Number of organisations

An organisation represents an account that can contain a group of users (team members), applications and environments. We have 2 types of organisation: 3 month trial accounts and billable accounts.

Line graph showing number of organisations from 2:02am on 29 June 2021 to 2:02am on 28 June 2022

currently billable organisations

currently trial organisations

Maximum number of billable and trial organisations per month previously
MonthMaximum number of billable organisations per monthMaximum number of trial organisations per month
May 2022181

The number of running applications chart is currently not available.

The number of backing services chart is currently not available.